REC Kids

Sunday Worship

REC Kids Sunday Worship is made up of worship, teaching, and group time. Parents are always welcome and often present during our worship. Our vision is to make disciples from generation to generation.

11:00am Worship and Teaching
11:40am Group Time
12:20pm Holy Communion (on 2nd and 4th weeks)
12:40pm Dismissal

On every fourth Sunday, we have Family Communion, where all children will join the REC Chinese service during the Peace, so that families partake in the Communion together.

Spiritual Formation

At REC, we believe that children are formed spiritually through different ways.

Reading and Writing

We create space for children to read the Bible aloud together and write down God’s words in their personal journals. We call this “Time with Abba”; it is a reflective time of listening to our Father God through his words to us. In a busy culture that is often too busy to listen, we create listening space for children to reflect and learn to hear God speak.


God created us in his image, which means that we all have some creativity in us! We exercise the arts through crafts, drawing, painting, and music. We are on the lookout for art projects that express who God is (i.e. The Story of God mural in our Parish hall), and we are continually forming and training a multi-generational worship team to lead music together.

Saturday Group

On Saturday from 5-7pm we lead Awana, which is a global, non-profit ministry focused on reaching children with the gospel of Christ and training them to know, love, and serve God. We begin the term in September and finish in May. Registration opens in May until end of August.

5:00pm Opening Ceremony
5:10pm Small Group Time
5:45pm Game Time
6:15pm Large Group Time
6:55pm Closing and Announcements
7:00pm Dismissal

*the exact schedule varies depending on the age group


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If you would like to know more about Awana, check out their website at