Our Vision and Values

Richmond Emmanuel Church exists for relational, organic, and visionary ministry empowered by the Holy Spirit. We seek to fulfill our mission by discipling, evangelizing, mentoring, and planting new works.

Mission Statement
Our Values

DISCIPLING – connecting people to God and each other

  • Time with Abba
  • Daily Prayer Meeting
  • Discipler 123

EVANGELIZING – creating a culture of sharing good news in our lifestyle

  • VIP 3 – Praying for those who do not know Jesus
  • Inviting strangers and friends into our community
  • Going out to seek the peace of the city

MENTORING – empowering leaders to equip them as workers of the kingdom harvest

  • Multi-generational mentoring – creating a cross-generational culture of mentoring and coaching
  • Leadership development – providing courses and conferences to be equipped continuously as disciples of Jesus

PLANTING – raising up new, apostolic works

  • Creating a culture of freedom within fences to initiate new kingdom works
  • Raising up church planters and new congregations that emerge out of this discipling, missional ministry to reach the 150 million people in North America who do not yet know and follow Jesus